Max S. Sverdlove LLC is a New Jersey virtual law office that operates pursuant to N.J. Ct. R. 1:21-1B and in compliance with R. 1:21-1(a)(1).

This firm will comply with all formal requests for inspection and/or service of process.

Max S. Sverdlove LLC provides limited scope representation and various legal consulting to individuals and businesses in a variety of areas of law. It is the firm’s goal to give its clients control over their legal matters and/or concerns, while saving them money, securing their futures, and/or helping them to recover their losses.

Generally, each matter is considered on an individual basis and legal fees are billed on either a one-time basis, or on an hourly fee (billed in standard legal six minute increments). Where permitted or required by law, contingency agreements may be entered into. Clients who are interested in repeat consultations/document review/document drafting services may request an agreement covering multiple projects, but limited to a specific scope.

The firm encourages use of encryption when transmitting data over the Internet and currently utilizes Cryptomator to encrypt client data and Virtru to send encrypted emails.  Mr. Sverdlove will guide you through the process of setting up and using any necessary software. As an alternative the firm can also send clients password protected and encrypted zip files containing any files and/or communications.

Clients looking for a face-to-face meeting can speak with Max S. Sverdlove, Esq. via video conference using Zoom. As an alternative, iPhone users can request a FaceTime call. In person meetings are also available upon scheduled request at a mutually agreeable location.

When applicable, payment for the firm’s services can be made online using a credit card or eCheck – the proper payment link and/or credit card voucher will be provided to you after logging into the Client System. Of course, you can also mail a paper check, if you so desire.